Our large modular gearbox system enables us to offer a wide variety of possible combinations. We have a range of gearboxes in standard and special sizes to suit the requirements, from which we select the optimum gearbox to meet customer requirements.

The range extends from low-cost plastic gearboxes to high-torque and low-noise metal gearboxes with helical gearing.

Adaptation to most motors – whether brushed DC motors, EC internal or external rotor motors or bell-type armature motors – is a given or can be realized with little effort.

Customer-specific customization options

  • Selection of the appropriate reduction ratio in coordination with the motor speed
  • If necessary, adaptation of the motor winding to achieve the desired output speed
  • Within the scope of technical possibilities, the shafts can be provided with a (single or double) flattening (D-cut), a hexagon, a hollow shaft or other geometries
  • Use of one of our standard lubricants or a lubricant requested by the customer