Ironless DC motors / bell anchors

Bell armature motors or ironless DC motors are internal rotor motors that are equipped with a self-supporting copper winding – the so-called “bell”. Due to the lack of an iron core (as with conventional brushed DC motors and slotted EC motors), bell armature motors have higher starting dynamics than any other type of motor. This makes bell armature motors particularly suitable for highly dynamic applications.

Assuming the same dimensions, the power density of a bell armature motor is higher than that of a brushed iron-core DC motor.
Thanks to the continuous expansion of a modular system, we can use a wide range of components for this type of motor:

Customer-specific adaptation options

  • Customized motor flanges with almost freely selectable connection dimensions allow easy adaptation to our customer’s application
  • We determine the motor shaft length on the front and rear of the motor individually in consultation with our customers
  • Within the scope of technical possibilities, the shafts can be provided with a (single or double) flattening (D-cut), a hexagon or other geometries
  • A whole range of commutation systems are available to choose from
  • Various metal and carbon brushes – in different material compositions – form the basis for a long-lasting brush motor
  • Cost-neutral adjustments to the motor winding allow us to achieve your operating points even under demanding conditions.
  • On request, we can also supply a suitable controller for testing
  • Cable type, length and connector are freely selectable