EC hollow shaft motors

Our EC hollow shaft motors are a special type of BLDC motor. In principle, internal and external rotors can be equipped with a hollow shaft.

A hollow shaft may be necessary, for example, for the passage of liquid or gaseous media. Adaptation to a customer application by means of an internal hexagonal or internal polygonal hollow shaft is also a common form of hollow shaft motor. For a media feed-through, a special material (corrosion resistance, etc.) may be required, which we are happy to select in consultation with our customer.

Similar to the other motor types (brush DC motors and bell armature motors), we also have a wide range of customization and combination options for hollow shaft BLDC motors:


Customer-specific customization options

  • Customized motor flanges with almost freely selectable connection dimensions allow easy adaptation to our customer’s application
  • The core element – the design of the hollow shaft – is determined individually in consultation with our customers
  • Cost-neutral adaptations to the motor winding allow us to achieve your operating points even under demanding conditions.
  • Many EC motors are available both sensorless and with Hall sensors
  • We can also supply a suitable controller for testing on request
  • Cable type, length and connector are freely selectable