EC frameless kits

Our EC frameless kits are a special type of BLDC motor. Frameless motors consist of a rotor and a stator, which are installed directly into the customer application without their own housing.

In principle, EC frameless kits can be designed as internal or external rotors.

The mechanical and electrical design is 100% customer-specific and is intended to provide the customer with the optimum drive for their application. The customer’s geometric specifications (diameter, detent slots, fits, etc.) are simulated in combination with the required load cycle or the operating points to be achieved in order to achieve an optimum combination of power density and cost-effectiveness.

Direct installation in the customer’s housing enables optimum heat dissipation due to the large-surface, usually metallic contact. Better heat dissipation can only be achieved through active cooling.

Customer-specific customization options

With no other motor type do we have such a wide range of options.

  • Mechanical design is based on customer specifications, including fitting into the customer housing
  • Electrical design is based on the operating points to be achieved or the required load cycle
  • Once the mechanical and electrical requirements have been determined, the feasibility is checked by means of a simulation. As part of this feasibility check, various magnet materials or similar can also be simulated in order to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness.
  • On request, our EC frameless kits can also be equipped with a customer-specific encoder and/or Hall sensors
  • We can also supply a suitable controller for testing on request
  • Cable type, length and connector are freely selectable