Drive Units

Our drive units can be assembled from almost all of our products: Combinations of brushed DC motors, ironless bell armature motors or EC motors with gearboxes or gearing elements (e.g. worms) are possible.

Based on our customers’ requirements, we are happy to design and calculate the optimum drive unit for high-torque, low-noise or other common requirements. Cost-neutral adjustments to the motor winding allow us to achieve your operating points even under demanding conditions.

If our broad modular system does not provide the optimum solution for your requirements, we are happy to develop a special solution. This could be, for example, a multi-tooth hollow shaft for a gearbox or an encoder magnet in dimensions specially tailored to your application. New gear reduction ratios that do not yet exist are also a common means of solving our customers’ drive problems. You can even choose the cable type and length, as well as the connector.