Brushed DC motors

Our brushed DC motors are based on a wide range of possible combinations. By continuously expanding this modular system, we are able to use a wide range of components for this motor family.

Customized adaptation options

  • Customized motor flanges with freely selectable connection dimensions allow easy adaptation to our customer’s application
  • We determine the motor shaft length on the front and rear of the motor individually in consultation with our customers
  • Within the scope of technical possibilities, the shafts can be provided with a (single or double) flattening (D-cut), a hexagon or other geometries
  • Different housings with different wall thicknesses and flux rings allow us to precisely increase the magnetic return if the installation space is available accordingly
  • A whole range of commutation systems are already available to choose from
  • Various metal and carbon brushes – in different material compositions – form the basis for a long-lasting brush motor
  • Cost-neutral adjustments to the motor winding allow us to achieve your operating points even under demanding conditions.
  • A wide range of encoder magnets and circuit boards are available
  • We can also supply a suitable controller for testing on request
  • Cable type, length and connector are freely selectable